What’s a pro scooter?


A couple weeks before Christmas my son asked me for a pro scooter.  He said that all his friends have Lucky pro scooters and are riding them all the time.  So I’m thinking this is good news.  In this day and age when most 11 year old boys would want a very expensive electronic device for Christmas, all I have to do is buy one of those scooters from Target for under $100.  As an added bonus, it’ll get my kid some exercise and get him off his Xbox a little more. Continue reading What’s a pro scooter?

T-Mobile LTE speeds in New York City


So T-Mobile upped their speeds drastically for LTE customers in NYC recently.  I didn’t even know, but I did notice that my speeds seemed to be faster.  So I decided to run a speed test and holy crap my LTE speeds are insanely faster!  I ran a bunch of different tests at different locations (can you hear me now?) in the city and most had results similar to above.  52.5 Mbps down and 19 Mbps up!  Those are crazy fast speeds.  Those are better than a lot of people have via cable and way better than what most people have if they’re on DSL.  Wow.

Happy Thanksgiving!


As I mentioned in my post last night, this is my absolute favorite holiday of the year.  Getting together with family and friends and celebrating what you’re thankful for without the stress that comes with Christmas.  Add in some great food and football and it just doesn’t get any better.  Well, here’s a picture of the turkey right before it goes in the oven.  After just a little while in my convection oven it’ll be time to feast.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pho with tendon


I love pho.  Thankfully the Vietnamese have brought their amazing noodle soup to our shores so that I can enjoy this delicious meal.  Now I typically order a basic beef pho or flank steak pho, but my friend always orders his with soft tendon.  This is something we will just never agree on.  Why would you take a perfectly good noodle soup and mess it up with tendon?

I am definitely not a fan of the Jello-like soft tendon.  I can’t help but think of my own tendons that connect my muscles and that makes it hard to for me to eat.  For some reason I don’t have this problem when I’m eating pretty much any other kind of meat.  I’m almost positive it’s the texture.  It just freaks me out.  Even when I coat it in Sriracha.  I just can’t do it.  The mind is amazing when it comes to making you nauseous.

Swedish pancakes


Swedish pancakes are my absolute favorite version of “pancakes”.  They are better than normal pancakes, crepes, waffles, and dutch babies.  There is something special about a super thin slightly dense pancake with strawberries and whipped cream.  Throw in some eggs over easy and some bacon and you have what I order every time I go to brunch.

Of course, I’ll still take all the other types of pancakes and waffles there are out there.  It’s just the Swedish pancakes are the best ones.

Deep fried frog legs


So I went to one of my favorite restaurants and I’m about to order this awesome burger that I’m a big fan of and my son asks if I’ve ever tried frog legs.  I’m thinking where did that question come from?  He then points out that frog legs are on the menu as a special.  I’ve never had them before and he wants to give them a try so I decided to go for it. Continue reading Deep fried frog legs