Best beef hot dog


With all the nice summer weather I felt compelled to try and find the best beef hot dog.  So, I decided to conduct a taste test to determine which beef hot dog is the best.

There were several reasons I chose the contestants in the photo above.  Nathan’s is often referred to as the best hot dog in the world so I had to include it in the study.  Hebrew National is another brand that gets mentioned a lot as a great hot dog and then I decided to throw in Oscar Meyer just to see if the other brands were really that much better.

Nathan’s actually came in last in our house.  They had an rather strong after taste.  Oscar Meyer ranked second and was spongier than the Nathan’s.  Hebrew National ranked number one for us with great flavor, no after taste and good texture.  So there you have it, myself, my wife, and my 11 year old son all agree that Hebrew National makes the best beef hot dogs.