Deep fried frog legs


So I went to one of my favorite restaurants and I’m about to order this awesome burger that I’m a big fan of and my son asks if I’ve ever tried frog legs.  I’m thinking where did that question come from?  He then points out that frog legs are on the menu as a special.  I’ve never had them before and he wants to give them a try so I decided to go for it.

They were deep fried in a light batter with a sweet Thai sauce on top (think the plum sauce they serve with spring rolls).  The batter and sauce were amazing and I have to say the texture was like a little more chewy dark meat chicken.  Overall, they were not bad.  I even got my wife to try one and she was not disgusted (she is not very adventurous when it comes to food).

I don’t know if the way these frog legs were served is typical or if I just scored the jackpot, but they were definitely worth the price of admission.  I decided to look up the nutrition facts on them and found out that they are almost entirely protein.  I would definitely be willing to try them again if I see them on any other menu.