No laptops allowed in a coffee shop?


So I decided to try out a different coffee shop for my Sunday afternoon and I encountered the sign above.  At first I was in absolute shock.  How can a coffee shop get any customers if it doesn’t allow laptops, tablets, studying, and business meetings?  Aren’t those the only people you ever seen in a Starbucks on a weekend?

Then I started thinking about it a bit and looked around to see that the coffee shop was still quite full.  It looked like most of patrons were families that were grabbing a bite to eat and some coffee after church.  It was definitely a different vibe than what you usually see in a Starbucks on a weekday.  Still, it was strange to not see any Macbooks or tablets scattered around.

Then I began to wonder if this is actually good policy.  I mean, does it make sense for someone to pay $4 to take up a seat for pretty much an entire day?  I know I’ve tried to get coffee with some friends and the place was too full.  It it almost always students, or people using the free wifi, or business meetings/interviews.  Maybe this coffee shop is actually on to something.  I don’t know if computers and studying should be banned, but maybe put a 1 hour limit on it?