Switched to Corsair mechanical keyboard


So I gave my last mechanical keyboard a solid two weeks before giving up on it.  The duplication of certain keys was the deal breaker.  Another big factor was the lack of any real resistance.  The switches that Razer uses in the Black Widow Ultimate are just too light.  It felt almost like I was typing on air.

So I decided to try out a keyboard that requires slightly more deliberate typing.  I ended up on a Corsair K70 Vengeance with Cherry MX Blues.  The blues are clicky switches that require more effort to press.  They don’t take an incredible amount of effort, but you definitely feel more resistance when you’re typing on the keyboard.

The result was the ideal keyboard.  I no longer had key presses that were duplicating and I loved the tactile feel of the keyboard.  The performance during video games was great too.  The Vengeance was even quieter (maybe 20% or so) than the Razer.  Overall, I like the keyboard so much that I plan on getting a second one to use at work.  So if you’re planning on getting a mechanical keyboard I strongly suggest you research the different keys out there.