Trying out a mechanical keyboard


I’ve been hearing about mechanical keyboards for a long time now.  Some of my friends that play video games swear by them and are amazed that I haven’t made the switch yet.  The fact that they cost more than $100 is definitely a major reason I never took the plunge.

Well I found myself in need of a new keyboard, so I decided to try one out to see if it’s worth making the switch.  Well, switch is the right word because I quickly found out that there are a bunch of different mechanical switches out there.  The switches all seem to be either Cherry MX black, red, brown or blue.  There are significant differences in how the different switches operate, but it mostly comes down to how they feel and how loud they sound.

So I decided to try out the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate because they are a popular brand and the product had lots of product reviews on Amazon.  I immediately noticed that the keyboard was a LOT louder than my standard keyboard.  I have a pretty big house and I am pretty sure my wife and kids could hear me typing from another room.  The feel of the keyboard was definitely different, but I wouldn’t say it was better.

Well, after typing on it for over a week I have to say there are some huge advantages to the mechanical keyboard.  I am able to type way faster than I could on my previous keyboard.  I also found that during gaming it makes it easier to make sure I am hitting the buttons I want to hit.  Unfortunately, there is one major drawback compared to my old keyboard.

The Razer sometimes registers more than one key press for certain keys.  Specifically, when I press the “s” key and the “enter” key, they sometimes duplicate.  This is really annoying and happens pretty frequently.  I looked online to see if it’s a problem with the keyboard or if it just takes some time to get used to.

Apparently, it is a common issue with mechanical keyboards.  There are some things you can do (clean the switch, mash it a few times), but at this point I’m ready to return it.  It’s too bad, I would’ve loved to keep it if the key duplication issue didn’t exist.  Maybe I’ll look into other brands.