What’s a pro scooter?


A couple weeks before Christmas my son asked me for a pro scooter.  He said that all his friends have Lucky pro scooters and are riding them all the time.  So I’m thinking this is good news.  In this day and age when most 11 year old boys would want a very expensive electronic device for Christmas, all I have to do is buy one of those scooters from Target for under $100.  As an added bonus, it’ll get my kid some exercise and get him off his Xbox a little more.

My enthusiasm definitely did not last long.  I started shopping for one of these so called pro scooters and realized very quickly that they are a lot more expensive than I thought.  They cost anywhere from $200 to $300 and apparently are nothing like the Razor scooters you find at Target.  The cost was only the first shocker for me.  It’s pretty hard to find anyone that sells them too.  I could buy them online and Amazon had a few from marketplace sellers, but I really wanted to be able to see one and ask a salesperson some questions.

After some looking around I was able to find a specialty bike shop that sells pro scooters.  They carried a few different brands, but the salesperson informed me that the best pro scooter rider in the world is Kota Schuetz and that he rides a scooter made by Lucky.  I asked if they sold that scooter and sure enough $299 and some tax later I had my son’s present in hand.

My son absolutely loves the scooter and was very excited that it is signed by the best pro scooter rider in the world.  His friends were apparently quite impressed when he showed up with his new ride too.  $350 to get my son off his Xbox and to make him as happy as he is…ya Christmas was great this year.